Looking For A Quality Range Bag?

Why Choose Wilderness Tactical, LLC Products?

Wilderness Tactical, LLC, is committed to providing the most durable products made with the highest quality materials to ensure long lasting products that can stand up to some of the harshest conditions. Our products have been rigorously tested in the field by experts, outdoors enthusiasts, search and rescue personnel, armed military, as well as police and intelligence agencies, instruction and civilian professionals. Our products have proven their superior compatibility for any tactical need you may have. All of our products are made here in the United States and continue to be one of the most trusted names in tactical gear around the world.

Introducing The Best Range Bag

The Wilderness proudly introduces our newest high quality range bag. We are committed to giving intense attention to every detail. Each and every seam in this bag is taped with nylon binding tape and multi-stitched, including backstitching on all starts and stops of the stitch runs to safeguard against rips and tears for years to come. We use ballpoint needles in our production so that the quality materials we use are not cut or torn, rather spread apart, so you can rest assured the integrity of the material is not compromised and will stand the test of time no matter what.

The Wilderness Premier Range Bag has a total squared measurement of 15¼” x 11¾” with an internal measurement of 14½” x 7″ x 9″, giving you ample space for all your tactical storage needs. This bag also features a double zippered top opening for easy access, two outside padded pockets with attached envelope pockets with a three sided zipper on one pocket for full access to all your items. The Shoulder strap attachments points feature 2-inch ‘D’ rings on each end allowing you to attach your favorite snap hook shoulder strap while being adaptable to any hardware-free strap.

Velcro fields on the inside of the main body accommodate tailoring the range bag to make it your own, while making the most of the space, giving you the option to rearrange or reconfigure the inside to suit your specific needs. With available accessories such as cartridge/shell/magazine carrier inserts, combat optic tool/wrench carrier, dividers, and a magnetic work pad, you are sure to have what you need, and more, in any situation!

The SBR Rifle Case, The Ultimate Tactical Accessory

The Wilderness Premier Gun Case is an exceptional product designed by President Ralph Holzhaus and consultant Giles Stock for all your tactical gun carrying needs. It far exceeds many of the options available for discretely carrying your tactical rifle. This top-of-the-line case will outperform its competitors every time and provide you with a state-of-the-art design that suits your personal needs.

Built to Last

The Wilderness Premier Gun Case is a SBR rifle case (short-barrel rifle case) composed of heavy duty materials allowing for a sturdy outer layer guaranteed to stand the test of time. It also features —

  • A hybrid construction that provides rigidity in a soft-shell case.
  • A superior aluminum stay system for support.
  • Firearm suspension made possible by the MOLLE-compatible PALS sectioned webbing lining the interior of the case.
  • Full 360×360 degree soft-shell padded protection using 3/8″ closed-cell foam.
  • Reinforced perimeter baffling with rigid polymer-reinforcement, to cushion your firearm from any falls or unexpected drops.
  • 1000D Cordura material, for a durable, yet soft exterior shell.
  • Abrasion resistant nylon coating.

Securing Your Weapon

To secure your weapon and accessories to the PALS webbing face, the Wilderness Premiere SBR Case comes with —

  • (2) 12″ ladder-lock nylon straps
  • (3) 6″ single-wrap self-gripping straps
  • (3) 12″ single-wrap adjustable straps

Plus, any MOLLE-compatible pouches or pockets are also easily attached to the PALS interface.

Additional Features

An optional extendable utility pocket with Velcro for affixing additional “shingle” inserts is available. This feature cannot be added post-production, however, so ensure that you request this feature, should you want it, at the time you order your case.

Other additional features include —

  • Magazine carriers for (3) 5.56mm AR type or 7.62x39mm AK magazines
  • Adaptable pockets allow for larger magazines
  • A version for (2) 7.62mm magazines (M14, M1A, SCAR)

Several case lengths are also available:

  • 31″
  • 36″
  • 39″
  • 45″
  • 55″

These lengths can fit the following: SBRs, full-length shotguns, precision tactical rifles. Larger cases can also allow for a 20-round magazine loaded into an AR, if needed. Smaller versions are perfect to fit a broken-down AR, or act as a storage and carry case for multiple AR uppers.

Wilderness, Home of The Original Instructor Belt

In a class by itself, the Original Instructor Belt is the most useful tactical belt on the market. This highly versatile belt is strong enough to be used in emergency rescue situations, but stylish and comfortable enough for everyday use as a regular belt or for concealed-carry.

Emergency Situations

In an emergency situation, the Original Instructor Belt is there for you when you need it most. Although not intended to replace a standard rappelling harness, it has the strength necessary for an emergency contingency rappel, or belay. If the worst happens, you can be sure that this instructor belt will remain firm and won’t break on you, even if you load it down with a lot of weight.

Daily Use

You don’t have to be a rescue training instructor to enjoy our Original Instructor Belt! The Wilderness Original Instructor Belt is comfortable enough to be worn as part of a standard everyday uniform. The instructor belt is designed for use by SWAT, as well as fire rescue personnel. The Wilderness Original Instructor belt is made from high-quality, durable materials, so it is guaranteed to last a long time. Plus, each belt is custom constructed to fit your exact measurements and ensure that it’s the only belt you’ll ever need.

A Serious Piece Of Equipment

Can this belt really save my life? Yes.

Though we have designed this belt with comfort and style in mind, the Wilderness Original Instructor Belt is first and foremost a serious piece of rescue and safety equipment. And, it could save your life. Our belts are static stress tested in a lab and have withstood as much as 8,000lbs of static stress without failing. This means that in a situation where you are at risk of falling or emergency repelling is required, you don’t have to worry.

Get The Original

Often imitated, but never duplicated. The Wilderness is the sole manufacturer and provider of the Original Instructor Belt. If it’s not a Wilderness Original Instructor Belt, it’s an imitation.

Don’t risk your life with a poor quality copy! Instead, contact a Wilderness tactical gear expert today to talk about purchasing the one and only Original Instructor Belt.

Need Back Up? Have A Renegade On Your Side!

Is an Ankle Holster the Right Holster Choice for You?

If you want a back up holster then the Renegade ankle holster is a good choice. However, first you’ll need to know if an ankle holster is the right holster choice for you.

If you are looking to try ankle carry, you definitely need to know the pros and cons and understand what an ankle holster is really used for. If you really think that an ankle holster suits your needs then be prepared to invest at least fifteen minutes a day practicing drawing with an unloaded weapon.


While there are There are several benefits of ankle carry. Perhaps the largest pro, however, is that your firearm remains highly concealed. In addition to this, ankle carry is beneficial if you will be needing to use your hands for other things soon after firing, like handcuffing a criminal.


While there are many advantages to using an ankle holster, there are some things that you will need to get used to. For example, when drawing a firearm from an ankle holster you will need to get used to folding at your knees. If you are right-handed, you will want to wear the firearm on the inside of your left ankle to facilitate drawing your weapon.

Ankle holsters are not designed for carrying your primary weapon it is difficult to draw the weapon quickly. Instead, they are meant to provide storage for a back up weapon or be used in situations where it is vital that your firearm remain highly concealed. The fact is, there’s a lot to know about carrying a gun on your ankle!

Renegade Ankle Holster

If you have decided that an ankle holster is right for you, the Renegade ankle holster is one of the highest quality holsters on the market!

Suited to both snub revolvers and automatics, the Renegade ankle holster features a rugged, custom-made gun pouch specially molded and sewn to fit your specific gun model. It also features real, hand trimmed, sheepskin fleece for comfort and a vapor barrier to protect your weapon and holster from sweat transfer when you reach for your gun. The Renegade ankle holster comes in a variety of sizes and is available in both right and left handed models.

Don’t wait, call in a Renegade! Contact The Wilderness and ask about the Renegade ankle holster today!

Hunting Javelina in the Southwest

If you are hunting in the southwest you are familiar with the Javelina roaming the desert plains. Javelina evolved from the South American tropics and now frequent Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. In 1974, permit-only HAM (handgun, archery, and Muzzleloader) hunts were initiated to better distributer hunters and limit the ever growing demand to hunt javelina in the spring and fall seasons.

While these animals usually travel in herds and are recognized for their gregarious personalities they’re poor eye sight is your best advantage. However, the javelina kill zone is fairly small, just behind the collar and above the front leg. Depending on your weapon of choice the shooting tactic obviously changes due to the javelin kill zone being fairly small. If your weapon of choice is a firearm your kill zone is the lung area just behind the shoulder area above the front leg. While with archery it is common to aim for the heart it is best to aim for the larger lung area.

There are a few things that are important to remember when hunting javelin in the desert and although they may seem common they are often overlooked.

  • Movement (Stalk when you approach)
    • Due to javelinas commonly traveling in herds, take a few steps slowly and look for those you haven’t spotted yet. There can always be more that will appear when you least expect.
  • Noise (Silence is key)
    • Be conscious of how well noise travels. The rhythmic sounds of footsteps, pants brushing desert scrubs, or the sound of hard sole shoes on gravel and desert brush can easily grab the attention of javelina.
  • Scent (Always approach from downwind)
    • If the wind is wrong change approach and move 400 – 500 yards to a downwind position.

Hunting is a Family Affair

When it comes to shaping a life, few things are as powerful as good examples set by others. Hunting has been a tradition in many families going back generations; we are inspired by our fathers as they demonstrate strength and skill. We compete against our peer’s over our latest kills but most importantly we learn from our peers and grow from each experience.   In some families hunting is the element that brings everyone together and motivates the kids to stay out of trouble. The possibility that the opportunity to hunt can be taken away if a kid does not complete their responsibilities keeps kids motivated.

Popular shows like Duck Dynasty, Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, and Raised Hunting have shown the world that hunting is more than a sport it is a family affair.  It is an opportunity to bond with your kids and teach them to appreciate nature, patience, the value of a hunt and respect for one another. One of the most important elements it does teach is to respect a weapon whether it is a gun or a bow; they are powerful, simple machines that can end a life.

For those who grow up in a family of hunters yet choose not to hunt are still heavily impacted by it being such a large part of their environment. It is incorporated into diets as we add it to family meals, barbecues, wild game jerky, and the seemingly endless recipes that come to mind. Hunting is a part of family history it is a unique bond amongst family members, friends, and acquaintances while we are out in nature. What we learn about ourselves from hunting helps us to grow as individuals and develop future relationships.


Be Tactical – Be Prepared, Be a Prepper!

With the rising popularity of how to survive a post-apocalyptic situation, one may begin to actually think are they really prepared. If something happened tomorrow, do you have the means to survive a day, a week or are you the weakest link? Some may deem this style of thinking as an act of paranoia but having the essentials to survive is what separates you from those who aren’t prepared in the face of natural disasters.

As you develop the mindset of being a survivalist, understand that it will take time and it will be a constant learning experience. Therefore, it is important to be thorough with the simple details before you go on to practice the important survival tactics. Be prepared, as your response times and overall success will be hindered greatly by the lack of reliability of your everyday items.

When building your bug out bag and strategizing a plan it is important to not skimp on quality. So many details can be overlooked when you buy a cheap product especially the most common factor which is that the lifespan is dramatically shorter with low quality products. That is why when you do your prep we recommend you do the research! Choose products that are multi-purpose and reliable.


The everyday wearable gear is an essential element to survival and often overlooked. As someone who will be carrying gun, a sturdy tactical belt is essential. An everyday leather belt will bend and lose its form due to the weight of carrying a fully loaded firearm and its magazines let alone the wear of excessive draw and holstering. However, a Wilderness Original Instructor’s belt is specifically built to maintain its structure through excessive wear and tear. This is due to the two layers of webbing and the flat design that keeps your holster from moving in or away from your body.


Our belts have been adapted for emergency rappelling or maintaining safety while working on top of buildings at the MOUT site. The belts are created to withstand a minimum of 5,900 lbs. of static stress without failing, to more than 8,000 lbs. of static stress without failing. We have also developed the Wilderness Money Belt which will help you keep your valuables on you and safe while in far flung lands or just the backwoods of home. The versatility of our products allow for everyday usage