The Premiere SBR Rifle Case

What Makes a Good SBR Rifle Case?

When purchasing a case for your weaponry, you want to know that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Before you buy one, consider these qualities and ask yourself if the case will do as much for you as it can.

Safe and Secure

More than anything, your gun case should keep your firearm, scope, and other accessories secure from theft (or other unintended access) and from physical damage. The sentimental and financial costs of losing a rifle that’s been in the family for generations or bagged more than its fair share of trophies can be devastating, and proper firearm control – even in the case – keeps everyone safer.

Reusable and Modular

Purchasing a case to fit every tactical configuration will quickly become a serious portion of the budget for collectors and enthusiasts. Custom-fitted cases are certainly effective, but a modular case that can swap based on your current loadout will be cheaper in the long run.

Easy to Carry, Easy to Use

Extra features and doo-dads shouldn’t detract from your ability to tote the case around, store it in a luggage compartment, or access your kit when you need it. A convoluted locking system to keep your rifle safe can be an insufferable irritation if you have trouble getting through it with the right key and proper knowledge.

Can One Case Do It All?

The best way to carry your loadout is in a Wilderness Premiere Gun Case, the case designed by outdoorsmen and firearms enthusiasts in a way that they desired.

The use of incredibly durable nylon for the exterior leaves the case soft and comfortable to carry on your back while stopping sharp objects from passing through. To stop blunt impacts, a 3/8″ layer of close-cell foam wraps entirely around the inside of the case. For modularity, the Wilderness SBR rifle case uses PALS webbing so you can stick any combination of weapons, parts, and accessories in a secure holding spot.

If you have multiple rifles, shotguns, or even a few smaller weapons, then you can be ready to roll out at any time with just a handful of Premiere Gun Cases.

You can customize your Wilderness case in sizes ranging from 31″ to 55″ in length, the color or camouflage pattern, and accessories like the Slimline Sling Pad and outside utility pockets. Stop by the site for more information!

USA Made Gun Range Bags

Typically used for transporting handguns and other gun range accessories, range bags come in a wide assortment of different sizes and have several options in the way of storage space and several other options. Such options tend to range anywhere from various dividers, pocket styles and more so that precious cargo is stored safe and secure during transportation. The following will give a basic overview of just a few options commonly available for purchase from online stores.

Wilderness Premiere Range Bag

This particular bag style features two main zipped and padded pockets that sit alongside two smaller padded pockets meant for storing smaller items. However, on the bag’s inside the features include a double zippered opening at the bag’s top. Furthermore, this bag features zippers under the carrying handle and has Velcro padding so cargo can be secured during transportation. Options for this bag includes a wide variety of colors, shoulder strap, various inserts, and more. Additionally, several other carrying options are also available that make carrying and transporting this bag easier and includes a belt loop adapter and a bug pack.

The Micro Duffel

With an entirely different, and more simplistic design, this bag is constructed from sturdy material and (although there isn’t a whole lot of space as in the previous example) this range bag still has the functioning capabilities to store firearms, handguns, and any accessories while in transport. The bag is available in several different colors that include ranger green and marine blue and, in addition, the bag’s exterior has two carrying straps.

Giles Bag

Named after a training instructor from a police department, this bag is the next size up from the micro duffel and is perfect for transporting small to medium sized firearms and accessories. The bag’s exterior features a double zipped outer compartment and two carrying straps making the bag easy to carry around. While the interior only has one main storing compartment other cargo that this bag is perfect for includes tools and similar gun equipment pieces such as cleaning kits. There are a limited amount of options for this bag when it comes to the necessities, however, the bag is available in different colors that include Ranger Green and Marine Blue.

Overall, as shown in the above examples range bags are simple, yet effective bags, that proves to serve as the perfect bag. We encourage you to learn more about our made in the USA products and contact us today with any questions you may have!

Tips for Choosing the Right Gun Case For Your Needs

Learning what comprises a great case will allow you to make a decision that won’t disappoint you. Remember, gun cases can be found for multiple guns, and that will allow your storage solution to be far less bulky in comparison with, if you decided to buy a firearm case for each gun.

Choosing the Gun Case

When choosing a case, let the style of your firearm, and your potential plans for it, prescribe your decision. It is likely that one of the following gun case styles are going to be the right choice for you. A hard shell gun case is actually quite resilient; several types are permitted for airplane travel. When you find yourself considering a hard shell firearm case, be certain that it has metal hinges and at least one padlock point. It is likely that you will have to pay for a tough padlock for a gun case. You may also wish to lock your gun to the case from the inside.

Varieties of Gun Cases

In relation to the styles of gun cases, you will have a variety of choices available to you. While there are actually specialized cases for customized handguns, a good number of firearms are well served by a plastic case of premium quality, or perhaps a soft case, which you can use inside of a lockable hard outside case. Hard cases often come in plastic, leather, wood, and even metal (primarily aluminum). Hard cases often also have high density foam that matches the gun’s outline. Soft cases tend to be manufactured from nylon.

Wooden Cases

Wooden cases are very resilient. Nevertheless in spite of its resilience, after being shot at, rolled over by a van, or otherwise seriously damaged, your case will give in and so would the pistol inside it. Wooden cases are not great for a traveling firearm owner. This primarily applies for commercial airline journeys. Furthermore, don’t put your trust in airplane security to always protect your personal firearm from getting stolen.

Plastic Cases

Firearm owners who are consistent travelers are often better off with a plastic case. A single-gun plastic hard shell case may simply carry one firearm, but it may also be compact, light-weight, and much easier to travel with. Plastic cases can also be rather tough, irrespective of their low weight.

A Rescue Belt Can Help You in an Emergency

In emergencies and dangerous situations, you don’t have time to waste and every second counts. A rescue belt is a durable, rugged tool that will keep your firearms and accessories securely within reach. And of course, at The Wilderness, you can count on our USA made products always being the most reliable.

Rescue belts are versatile and strong enough to carry a firearm while storing ammo. From law enforcement agents and military personnel to civilians, there are a variety of scenarios where a rescue belt makes a difference.


While you may hunt with a hunting rifle as your primary weapon, there are times when a sidearm comes in handy. With the belt, you will have your side arm ready and prepared if you encounter unexpected threats from wildlife.

Gun Enthusiast or Competitive Shooting

If you are into competitive shooting, you know you can sometimes enter the “zone”. Don’t waste time searching for ammo. Strap your gun to your belt and start shooting.

Concealed Carry

For holders of a concealed carry permit, a rescue belt is a vital tool. A good belt will allow you to do two important things – conceal your weapon in accordance with the law while still being able to draw it at the sign of danger.

Emergency Situations

As the name suggests rescue belts are more than firearm holders. When necessary, they can be used as an emergency rappelling belt. Pull (or lower) yourself and others to safety with the strength of the belt.

Vote Pro Gun

It’s no secret that a company in the firearm accessory business would be pro gun and quite conservative. Naturally, that would be reflected on our picks for any elected official and specifically the president.

All of the republican candidates have been quite pro gun in their speeches and discussions. We have to research the backgrounds of the individual candidates to determine for whom we should support and vote.

I have gone back and forth between the two most anti establishment candidates, because I, as with many other Americans, have noticed the progressive decline in liberty and increase in control.

Now, ANY of the republican candidates would be better than the alternatives. I think there are two who would be better, both in the area of firearms liberty (the ability to protect one’s self and one’s family at all places and times), and the release of the tightening strangle hold the establishment AND therefore government has upon us.

While I do have my preferences, I will NOT attack the other republican candidates. If I attack any of my non favorites, I would be aiding the other side in the general election if one of those were nominated.

So therefore, I condemn, in the strongest possible way, the twenty two so called conservatives who attacked Donald Trump in the vial National Review compendium of paragraphs. The words they used will be the fodder of the democrat attacks in the general election.

Then comes Mitt Romney. Instead of supporting a candidate, he too, provided ammo to the Dems by attacking trump.
He almost made me sorry that I voted for him. He lost an election that he should have won because he didn’t have the gumption to attack Obama the way he attacked Trump. Perhaps he should change parties.

What concerns me the most are the traitorous words written by people of whom I used to think the world. Dana Loesch, a wonderfully articulate pro gun advocate, has given aid and comfort to the enemies of our liberties. Katie Pavlich piled on along with the 21 others. However, I have come to expect strange things from Glenn Beck, so no surprise there.

We should all fight to protect our freedoms and liberties. We can support the people we think will do it best. But let’s not kill our own.


Two-Point Rifle Sling For Sale

When it comes to the ultimate in tactical or hunting rifle slings, you need not look any further than The Wilderness Two-Point rifle sling. Manufactured in the USA with the most durable materials in the industry and available for customization including color, left or right handed options, and modular front or rear attachments, this is the best choice to ensure absolute versatility and precision.

Designed in a way with ease of use in mind, the set-and-forget sizing adjustment system allows for a one-time fitting and requires no buckle adjustment. Once fit to the shooter, it will offer a seamless transition from one shoulder to another as well as conventional over-the-shoulder or on-the-back carry. Additionally, this sling also features an emergency-release buckle at the front. And being compatible with a wide variety of firearms, you can feel confident that it will always remain secure and never interfere with the weapon’s controls.

Carrying a sidearm alongside your rifle, but worried about interrupted access when you need it quickly? With The Wilderness Two-Point rifle sling, that’s no longer a concern! Thoroughly tested in the field, you can rest assured knowing that you will have a hands-free transition to your sidearm from your rifle at all times. You might also question whether or not this sling will impede upon your favorite shooting position. Well we’re happy to say that you don’t have to! When adjusted with the correct amount of slack, you will have the ability to assume all common asymmetric shooting positions imaginable with no discomfort.

If you have any questions about this product, we encourage you to contact us today!

Tactical & Hunting Gun Cases For Sale

Picking the right gun case that will meet all of your tactical or hunting needs can be a tough decision. But when you shop at The Wilderness, we offer only the best, most complete case options available to help take the guesswork out of your determination. From handguns, rifles or shotguns, you will find the perfect choice when browsing our diverse line of gun cases.

At Wilderness Tactical Products, we’re well known for meeting specific desires and fulfilling custom options for our customers. The tactical and hunting gun cases that we carry are no exception. You’ll always have the choice of color, extra utility pockets, accessory pouches, inserts, straps, size choices and more. Built-to-order options are yet another solution that we offer for select products to ensure your exact needs are met.

One of our most popular models that we sell is the Wilderness Premiere Gun Case. Perfect for any type of rifle, and completely customizable, this case will make the perfect choice. Featuring new height and pocket options alongside upgraded side-release buckle securing straps added for rapid casing and uncasing, these upgrades only add to the already high praise this product boasts among buyers.


Lastly, we take pride in offering products only made in the USA. You can count on our weapon cases being carefully constructed using only the most premium materials available. Soft insides, robust exteriors, backstitched, multi-stitched and thoroughly checked for uniformity, our gun cases are built to last! And if you require any assistance in selecting the right option for you, our friendly staff of experts is always here to help.